Faces of Oxfordshire - Family Faces


Please note that parts of this site, in particular the slideshows, do not work on modern versions of Firefox. There seem to be no issues when using other browsers.

What you will find on this website

From the link at the top of the page, you can access a list of all the people whose pictures and background information appear in Family Faces. Clicking on a name will take you to that person’s home page, which includes a picture of their face and some basic information about their life. There may also be hyperlinks to related people featured on the website.

In most cases, clicking on the picture of a person’s face takes you to a new page with a larger picture of that person - this may be a portrait or a group photograph. Sometimes there is an additional picture on the homepage, typically of a place associated with the person or of a family group. Clicking on this picture will also take you to a separate page with a larger version of the picture.

The website also includes two slideshows of pictures submitted to the project. Just click on the appropriate link at the top of the page to access a slideshow. On many modern web browsers the slideshows can run automatically, as well as manually. Happy browsing!


Submissions for this project can no longer be accepted. However, if you have a query about it, please email Tony Hadland at oxonfaces@hadland.net

The Family Faces website was created during 2006 and 2007 by the Oxfordshire Family History Society as their contribution to the Faces of Oxfordshire project, part of the Oxfordshire 2007 celebration of the county’s millennium.

Family Faces was a great opportunity to celebrate our Oxfordshire ancestors and share their stories, regardless of whether they were rich or poor, born in the county or moved to it. Thank you to everybody who contributed to the project.

Although we can no longer accept submissions, the Family Faces will remain accessible for the foreseeable future. We hope you enjoy it.